Mats Liste, born in Sweden 1956.

I have been practicing Street Photography since 2019, following workshops at Gothenburg Art College with former press photographer Joakim Roos as teacher.

My Instagram account @matsliste currently has more than 500 followers from around the world. Please follow for a more complete perspective of my street photography.

I am a dedicated member of GGFF/Göteborgs Gatufotoförening (Gothenburg Street Photography Society), currently chaired by the professional street photographer Mats Alfredsson. The second Gothenburg Street Photo Festival will be held at the Vega Brewery on 2 – 3 September 2022:

I am a strictly non-commercial photographer, documenting moments in the streets of Gothenburg and around the world. My work derives from the streets of Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, New York City, Madrid, Malaga, Bilbao, Nice, London, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Copenhagen and Stockholm.

In December 2021, I lost the love of my life – Helena – to Cancer, after 40 years of marriage. Photography is my first and foremost therapy to manage my new life as a widower. I am not into photography to sell, but I have decided to make my work available for a good cause. When purchasing photos from my collection, the entire surplus after production and delivery costs is donated to the fight against Cancer through Cancerfonden in Sweden.

Thank you for your support!

Mats Liste